Electrical Drawings & Symbols

Electrical Drawings & Symbols

These are quick start videos about reading,understanding and interpreting electrical drawings & symbols.Part 1 is the introduction video for all 4 pages of these electrical drawings series. Through out the series I recap the precious videos so that you can have a reference to other available videos.We’ll take a look at the Cover sheet,E-1,E-2 & E-3.  I would like to say that all drawings in the electrical industry share the same page attributes but they don’t. These videos show what is most common out in he field. Some electrical drawings may only have 1 page. I have worked with as many pages as 16 E-Sheets for a large car dealership. In that project I broke down the pages per section(location on property) in order to stay organized.

Part 2 of Electrical Drawings & Symbols…

Goes a little further in depth understanding the cover page. You will learn job location,page navigation,information you can expext to have available to you & maps of the project site.


Electrical Drawings & Symbols Part 3
Welcome back to pt 3 of Electrical Drawings & Symbols PT 3
Quick review of cover sheet.
Introduction to Sheet E-1 of electrical drawings.
Scale 1/4″ =1′ arch scale,tape measure,electronic wheel are three of some common measuring electrical drawings.
Definition of key notes we’ll be using #3 as example.

Home run symbol with panel description,circuit numbers and hash tags.
High & Low Voltage panel location with a Transformer

Switches outlets lights lay out and location.

In pt 4 we’lll discuss items on the one line diagram page.

Thanks for watching & see ya in pt 4

Electrical Drawings & Symbols Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of 5 Electrical Industry Network Training Drawing.
In this part we will discuss items found on the one line page.
A one line diagram shows the meter, panel, transformer details. Also on this page you may find information regarding panel schedule, breaker notes, panel voltage & amperage. The AIC rating will also be found here.
Key notes and general service equipment information is provided but needs to be verified every time to insure a code compliant installation.
This video does not include conduit, wire and amperage details. It is intended as a guide line and introduction to the one line page only.

Part 5 of 5 in the series Electrical Drawings & Symbols.

We will briefly go over what you can expect to find on the “Electrical Specifications ” page
Symbols and their intended meanings,general information regarding the E-Sheet of a blue print only. There are not intended to explain any other trade and or their symbols meanings.
We all interpret drawings differently therefore we must use the drawings symbols and specifications page. In other words what does the owner want,very important.
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